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808nm Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine Beauty Machine AL-300C/310C

This represents the world’s most advanced laser hair removal machine. In the field of epilators, you can only find this unique and innovative device. It has a unique wavelength of 808 nanometers which is considered as the excellent standard for hair removal machine. It features a well designed cooling technology (TEC) that guarantees a comfortable, safe and effective treatment procedure. Other key features of the 808nm Diode Laser hair removal machine includes:

  • A painless ice handle that is designed for sensitive areas.
  • A portable handle that ensures ease of usage
  • High power capacity (1200 watts)
  • Instant results
  • Less time required for treatment .
  • Thermoelectric cooling (TEC).
  • UP to 15 hours working capacity.
  • 10 million pulses
  • Large point size 12*20 square mm.


Donetsk Diode Laser Hair Removal

Diode Laser hair removal offers effective, high-quality hair removal treatments. It has a unique wavelength of 808nm that ensures the hair follicles are removed in the most harmless way possible. It will then be impossible for the hair to grow back. With this machine, laser treatments are offered in motion that ensure the skin is protected in every possible way.

A1-3 808nm Diode laser hair removal Beauty MachineHair Removal

A1-3 808nm Diode laser hair removal Beauty Machine


A1-3 808nm Diode laser hair removal Beauty Machine

cheap Lyrica canada Hair removal 808nm

It features a long pulse width of 808nm. With such length, it can easily penetrate to the hair follicle using the selective light absorption theory. It can quickly be absorbed by the hair melanin before heating the hair follicle and shaft.

Pastavy Thermoelectric cooling (TEC)

The thermoelectric cooling technology together with the large water tank makes to work for 15hours non-stop.

Increased power

It can generate up to 1200 watts for high-frequency treatments. Due to the large spot of 12*20mm and its repetition frequency. The specialists can use it to treat a large effectively without the occurrence of skin damage.


A1-3 808nm Diode laser hair removal Beauty Machine

808nm hair removal

The 808nm handpiece enables the machine to work excellently on skin. It features a contact cooling technology for painless hair removal procedures with zero downtime.

Specification: 808NM ,Spot Size 15×20 mm, up to 10 Hz.


Laser Type
Diode Laser
Wave Length
Operation Way
Pulse Model/ Single Spot
Number of Bars
Bars place of origin
Laser power
Spot size
Cooling system Air+Water+Semiconductor+TEC
Working frequency
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