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Ring Light Led Android Smart magic mirror skin analyzer

The skin magic mirror – intelligent skin tester. Through AI algorithm analysis, the skin measurement reports including dryness, oil, pores, sensitivity, aging, skin color, and other dimensions are obtained. Product recommendations, nursing suggestions, diet recommendations, and treatment recommendations are given for skin problems, and personal skin files are established. Users can check their skin condition at any time, and take care of their skin.

  • 12.6-inch over sized mirror to illuminate your beauty, Curved flash design for wider light
  • Inductive lighting, touch dimming, color temperature, cool and warm
  • High definition quasi color rendering, show and light source
  • 6 dimensional detection, Multi dimensional comprehensive analysis
  • Breakthrough the limit of the naked eye, Observe skin details


buy clomid online with fast shipping Real-time magnification observation

observation the skin details by 50 times HD optical lens

13 Smart magic mirror skin analyzer
Inflamed acne
13 Smart magic mirror skin analyzer
Clogged pores
13 Smart magic mirror skin analyzer
Acne scars
13 Smart magic mirror skin analyzer


13 Smart magic mirror skin analyzer Multiple dimensions dimensional analysis

Skin type / Moisture / Sensitivity / Uniformly / Smoothness / Melanin Proprietary skin detection algorithm

The latest artificial intelligence analysis from Silicon Valley adds tens of thousands of times to the larger data. AI knows you better than you

Skin tone test

Know your skin tone by level and type

50 times magnification
Medical HD camera module | Polarizing lens | Anti-Glare


13 Smart magic mirror skin analyzer
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